HookUP.com Brings Real-World Gift-Giving to Online Dating

As the pandemic (fingers crossed) winds down, online dating remains more popular than ever. For many, online dating was the only option in the era of social distancing and masks, as dating, like almost everything else, became a remote activity. Finding potential partners, exchanging messages, exchanging phone numbers, getting initial looks, and even having first dates: for many, all of these things happened in 2D in 2020 and beyond. But what about sending thoughtful, romantic gifts in the Real World? No free dating app has been able to breach that boundary, until now. HookUP.com is innovating right out of the gate, integrating real-life gift-giving into its dating app. And, as with many changes from the pandemic era, we’re expecting it to be an innovation that is here to stay.

What Are HookUP Gifts?

HookUP Gifts are romantic gifts sent to your match or potential match or hook ups in the real world. With HookUP Gifts, you can send flowers, chocolates, or hot sauce to your match right where they live, safely and confidentially – no addresses, phone numbers, last names, or other non-public profile information is revealed.

Why Send Gifts?

Have your recently matched with someone who may be special? Would you like to let them know that you would like to take things to the next level, and let them know how excited you are about them? You can get their attention with a HookUP Gift. Send chocolates, send flowers, or send an appropriately spicy gift of hot sauce. Our confidential system delivers the gift you’ve selected and alerts your match about the gift once it’s been delivered – along with a link to your HookUP profile so they know where it came from. 

Better than a Super Like!

You can also send gifts to HookUP users you’ve liked and are eager to match with. You can move your profile to the front of the line by sending your potential match a HookUP Gift that directs them to your profile. 

How Do HookUP Gifts Work?

HookUP Gifts are easy to send, confidential, and fun. You will find a gift icon on the public profile of your match or potential match. Click through and choose a gift. Enter your payment information and hit Send. The HookUP team will send the confidential gift right to their door. We will alert your match or potential match that you have sent a gift without revealing your non-public information, or theirs. Your match or potential match will find your screen name, and that’s all. It’s a fun and romantic way to keep yourself at the top of your match’s inbox. 

HookUP Gifts

Fun, romantic, flirty, and thoughtful, HookUP Gifts will get you noticed by a HookUP user you’re eager to match with, or let that special match know how excited you are about them. Try it today. 

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