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Dating Tips For Guys – Make a Woman Want You Desperately by Playing Hard to Get

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A woman plays hard to get differently from your point of view. She does not want to be approached.

The rule for us guys is to show some desperation. This will not work to your advantage.

If she is avoiding you, you can try several techniques. Or you can hard to get her understand by playing hard to get with her.

The technique is to provide her with signals that you are interested in her.

You must be flirtatious with her, but pay particular attention to her eye contacts and her gestures.

· The first dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is to be conscious of your actions

She will not believe you when you talk about your feelings or how much you care about her.

She will doubt your intention.

You have to convince her that you are interested in her.

You are going to do it using your body language.

First, you tell her a story with a problem in it.

Then you discuss the solution together.

Every time you are talking with her, try to show her that you care about her, but do not exaggerate.

For example, you are talking with her, you can’t look her in the eyes for some time.

Unless she has a suspicious mind, she will tell you that you are frightening her.

Well, why not try it, it’ll show your motives.

· The second dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is to talk to her often

A woman knows when a guy is attracted to her, he will pop up in many places at the same time, he likes to talk to her as often as possible and he will try to find as many opportunities to join her.

You have to do the same with her.

You should talk to her often but don’t be too attentive, or she will know that you like her and she will know that you don’t mean just to play with her.

· The third dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is to read between the lines

If she talks about future plans, pretend that she is leading you to a place where you can have coffee with her.

Use her own words, and encourage her to tell you her feelings.

· The fourth dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is to find a common interest

A relationship will be difficult if both of you are unable to take part in some activities that the other one doesn’t like.

This is a great opportunity to play hard to get with her.

Ask her to go to some presentation, exchange some observations with her, try to understand her and do it well.

Women are fascinated by people who are interested in them, this is even true for them.

· The fifth dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is don’t give her the impression that you can be easily lured

A woman can be playing hard to get with you, if you let her, she will find another friend and flirt with her for you.

The result is that she will misinterpret your invitation, she will know where you are heading and she will have already told a number of people about your interest in her.

The result for you is you will appear as someone who is not able to take control of his life, and women love this kind of men.

· The sixth dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is be careful

Don’t appear as an obsessive person when it comes to her.

Never call her more than once in a three-day period.

If you are invited to her house, tell her that you will only come for her friend’s naming party.

· The final dating tip for guys on playing hard to get is have the right strategies

It’s true, if you delay yourself, a woman will show less interest in you.

This is why playing hard to get is important.

You need to find out what kinds of signals to send to her so that she will be assured of your interest in her.

If she is a friend of a friend, wait a few days before you call her.

If she is someone you just met, wait a few hours before you call her.

Call her right after you meet her for the first time..Tell her that you are interested in her and invite her for coffee.

Find Singles in Colorado

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Find Singles in Colorado
Find Singles in Colorado

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Find Singles in Colorado

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