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Men – How Do You Define Dating?

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How do you define dating?

Let me guess: you mean how and when you can have sex with a woman?

Oh, I see. You mean NOTHING but physical contact with a woman?

Oh, I see. That’s obvious. Right on the money, Mr. Male!

What I have to say back to you is that while you are “dating” a woman, you are really just getting to know who she is.

You read into her characteristics, whether they are good or bad, until you find out more about her.

And when you get to know her more, you continue to define dating to include that information about her.

It’s kind of like learning mathematics basics for the first time. Sure, you can look at it for a few minutes but it’s like learning to equals and multiply before you’ve ever done it before.

Is it any wonder that our emotions pop up and confound us? Like we can’t distinguish love from lust even when it’s right before our eyes?

I suspect that many of you guys are confused on what dating REALLY IS.

I say, define the term well enough that it doesn’t give you a headache. It’s best that you “set yourself apart” from the various definitions you have already created in the past.

That way, you’ll be getting straight to the core of the matter whether you realize it or not.

So what’s the definition of dating anyway?

Whether you define dating correctly or not varies slightly from person to person.

For example…

DATING = Frequencies

Dating can be broken down into infrequent, frequent and exceptional.

Frequent dates implies that you date often and at a broad range of Frequencies.

Even the most intense love relationship can only happen if a couple has a sufficient number of dates to move toward a committed relationship.

That’s right. You can’t date without commitment.

Another distinction between dating and committed relationships is theResponsibilityDeduction that’s expected.

Dating is like a social situation in which you have the opportunity to practice indulging your potential partner. You get to know that person through the socialicative feedback system — for a period of time.

When you get to learn enough about a person to determine that they would be a suitable dating partner, then you begin to date. It is the same as meeting somebody for the first time.

There is only one difference: You have the whole time to make sure it works out well because you have only that one opportunity to do it. By the time you have finished dating, you can “pull the plug” and look for someone else that you can get on with if it’s not working out.

How does all this translate to successful dating?

It’s evaluate each date individually to see if it was the best time for you.

One date can not possibly reflect what commitment will be like. Every date is an exercise in getting to know a person and whatever you decide is the best time for you and your potential love interest to discover the mutual undercurrent’s amongst each other.

Being too serious early in a relationship can be heartbreaking on a couple. Remember, ridicule is not humor. It can make you seem like a careless player or a person who deserves to be alone.

Un tranquility means to endure whatever is thrown at you because if it stops you from engaging in another date, then your relationship is doomed a little faster than a couple who settles for being the couple who hold hands. Such an approach can make you look pathetic for not being emotionally equipped to have a serious discussion.

Talk about every day things are best especially in the initial “infatuation” stage. Each day should be an exercise in expressing your love for your partner. If that goes well, then it gets to become a natural way of life where you always bond with your partner. Each day should be an exercise in growing as a couple.

I usually recommend that subjects for conversation should be those that can promote interaction between rivals. By socializing, you will begin to uncover each others competitive spirit better. Isn’t that the same thing you want out of every aspect of your relationship?

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